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How is Your Skin After Labor Day?

Women with sun mark with sunscreen

Did you wake up this week and find your face looked more tired and “older” after the holiday weekend?

Perhaps there was one too many alcoholic drinks, too much sun exposure, or too many indulgent foods?

If so, there are ways to rapidly recover!

  1. Beauty Sleep -Yes, adequate sleep allows the body to recover and repair from any damage and make new collagen, which prevents sagging. Collagen helps the skin look plumper and less wrinkled. Aim for 6-9 hours of sleep a night.
  2. Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps even skin tone and revitalizes the skin surface. Consuming enough vitamin C helps the skin’s surface and improves hydration of the skin.
  3. Regular skin turnover – Consider booking an appointment for a skin checks up with!about/c1va9. Ami can help the clarity of your skin with mild chemical peels and other procedures to encourage your youthful skin to shine through!

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