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Body Contouring By Evolve X

FIRM Med Spa

Barbara Marshall, ARNP

Medical Spa located in Tulsa, OK

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line noninvasive treatment that will reduce cellulite and give you firmer skin, Evolve X fits the bill. How does Evolve X work? What are the benefits of Evolve X? Who can get Evolve X treatments? What can you expect from an Evolve X session? All these questions and more will be discussed in this post. Read on to learn more about Evolve X’s advanced technology. What is Body Contouring?

Body Contouring Q & A

How does Evolve X work?

The applicatos are a three-in-one!  It alternates RF and EMS to deliver simultaneous results in skin tightening, fat reduction and muscle toning. Evolve X can be used to treat the buttocks, abdomen, bra line, thighs and inner thighs, arms, calves and many other areas of the body. It’s the most versatile applicators in the market.

What are the benefits of Evolve X?

In addition to its precision and being a complete all-in-one body transformation treatment, Evolve X:

  • Tones the abdomen
  • Lifts and shapes the buttocks
  • Trims and tightens the thighs – no more jiggly thighs!
  • Tones the arms
  • Reduces fat and cellulite
  • Tightens skin· 
  • Improves skin tone

And best of all, IT'S PAIN FREE!

Who can get Evolve X treatments?

Anybody can be a candidate for Evolve X, and it’s a desirable solution for those wishing to tone, trim, or tighten problem areas with their skin. If you’ve recently undergone intensive weight loss or you’ve noticed fat accumulation in certain areas of your body, Evolve X is a great solution for you.

However, Evolve X is not a weight-loss method; it’s best for excess, stubborn pockets of skin or fat that you want tightened up that won’t disappear with diet and regular exercise. EvolveX is not recommended for those with a body mass index over 30, and it’s not a weight-loss replacement for liposuction.

What can you expect from an Evolve X session?

Evolve X body contouring is a convenient, non-invasive method for reducing fat and improving skin appearance. No incisions or recovery time is involved; in fact, treatment generally only takes about 45 minutes depending on the treatment area, so you can resume normal activity right away! If planning to recieve treatment below to stomach please wear shorts!


$299 - x1 45minute Session

$949 - x4 45minute Session

$749 - 3 Months, 4 Sessions per week at 45minutes

$4499 - 6 Months, 4 Sessions per week at 45minutes

$7,500 - 1 Year, 4 Sessions per week at 45minutes

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